Alabama BCIA Commercial Record Keeping Program


About the Program

Performance minded cattle producers have a goal to produce better beef and genetics by collectively using the best genetic and management tools available.

Alabama BCIA assists its members in reaching this goal by providing the Alabama BCIA Commercial Record Keeping Program.  Performance data is collected and recorded to provide adjusted 205 day weights and ratios, track breed composition, evaluate cow and bull performance and an analysis of the whole herd’s performance.

The Cattle Max system is used with this program to provide hands-on use. With a unique link for your herd, multiple types of users can access records via any internet capability (desktop and laptop computers, tablets and smart phones).

Participation in this program can be an excellent educational experience in the direction of herd performance and genetics and how they both can be improved.

Announcing the BCIA Performance Advocate Program

To encourage more total herd performance record keeping and recognize herd efficiency, a BCIA Performance Advocate Program has been launched this year. The program will honor data collected in the following areas: breeding, pregnancy percentage, calf adjusted weaning weights and ratios, mature cow weight at weaning for % of cow weight to calf weaning weight, yearling weights and ratios for replacement heifers and herd health program and treatments. A score of 100 points would be awarded per data area for a possible perfect score of 600. Herds obtaining high performance advocate scores will be recognized. Take full advantage of your BCIA Commercial Record Keeping Program and record this data into your Cattle Max herd account for more total herd performance record keeping. 

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Read this recent article on record keeping with Alabama BCIA and Cattlemax from the September 2018 issue of Progressive Farmer magazine.

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Beef Cattle Record Keeping Basics

Want to learn more about the basics of beef cattle record keeping? Download and review ACES extension publication ANR-2488 listed below detailing record keeping in both a whole herd and individual animal approach with different methods.

BCIA Record Keeping Forms

Need forms to record data to begin a new herd account with the BCIA Commercial Record Keeping Program? 

You may download the New Herd Worksheets below.

Beef Cattle Record Keeping Basics

ACES Publication, ANR-2488

Alabama BCIA New Herd Worksheet