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The Estrus Synchronization Planner, developed by the Beef Reproduction Task Force, is a Microsoft® Excel compatible spreadsheet that assists cattle producers in selecting and implementing estrus synchronization protocols. This planner assists to: 1) plan and implement some of the more complicated synchronization systems 2) Eliminate errors in the timing of injections, starting and ending the feeding of MGA, CIDR insertions, etc. 3) Optimize labor use 4)Provide analysis and comparison of input costs of several synchronization systems. Go to the Estrus Synchronization Planner.

For more educational resources about estrus synchronization and AI, visit the Beef Reproduction Task Force site at this link http://beefrepro.unl.edu/ The Beef Reproduction Task Force is a multi-state extension activity in cooperation with the North Central Agriculture and Natural Resources Program Leaders Committee and the Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Service. The Beef Reproduction Task Force is made up of specialists from the following universities: Iowa State University, Kansas State University, University of Florida, University of Missouri, South Dakota State University, University of Illinois, University of Nebraska and University of Idaho.