Education Topics

Basic Performance Terms and Concepts:
-How to Use EPDs
-Carcass Merit: Using Carcass EPDs Can Add Value to Beef Cattle Operations
-Across Breed EPD Table
-Care of Newly Purchased Young Bulls
-Development of Replacement Beef Heifers
-Heifer Development
-Hip Height and Frame Score Determination
-Basics of Measuring Performance
-Should Composite Bulls be Considered an Option?
-Quality and Yield Grades (from University of Nevada)
-Reproductive Tract Scoring
-Pelvic Area Measurements
-Guidelines for Developing and Testing your Bulls On-Farm

Diseases that May Affect Your Herd:
-Johnes Disease
-Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD)

Selection of Animals:
-Bull Selection 101
-Fall Means Bull Buying Opportunities